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Making Online Psychology Continuing Education Work For You
By: Marylie W. Gerson, PhD

Online Psychology Continuing Education for Busy Professionals

When you have a full time career as a psychologist, or even if you are part time, making time to achieve your continuing education credits can be tough. One of the ways we strive to make it easier for you to succeed is through offering online psychology continuing education courses. According to a 2013 study by the Babson Survey Research Group, the number of students enrolled in online courses was 6 million. Most of the students enrolled are working adults who need to balance their day-to-day requirements with completing coursework.

Home Study As An Option For Continuing Education Credits

It is difficult for many working adults to complete continuing education courses at a local college or university. Even businesses and institutions that offer continuing education credits often have an in-person component. These in-person workshops are sometimes out of the state and require travel.

For psychologists, having a home study option makes earning the needed credits easier. In order to advance in the field, stay up to date, and continue to keep credentials current, psychologists must continually educate themselves.

Home study courses give professionals the ability to learn and study in their own home.  Participants take courses and tests online and receive instant feedback on answers, with an unlimited number of retests.

 Benefits of Our Online Courses

Our courses are designed to be useful and thought-provoking.  Participants find our courses to contain as much valuable information as an all-day seminar or workshop, compressed efficiently into a few short hours.  An additional benefit to our online programs is that they provide participants with a means to maintain a personal online library of courses that they can refer to in the future.

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