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Psychology CE courses and certificates online


All of our courses provide psychology continuing education (CE) credits and are online, accessible immediately, available 24/7, and paced at your convenience. Choose the modality and length that fits your needs–courses are in audio, video, and/or written modalities, and range from 1 to 8 hours in length. Earn immediate CE credits and certificates of completion. Our course offerings include a balance between cutting-edge topics in psychology such as mindfulness training or neuroscience, and classical perspectives such as psychoanalysis. And all of our courses in psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be applied to our Certificate of Advanced Study in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy if desired.

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Online Continuing Education for Psychologists


Join experts in the theory, research, and practice of psychotherapy for engaging discussions of their work in our online psychology webinars. Live webinars allow for seminar presentations, as well as interactive case conference groups, international discussions, and interdisciplinary conversations. Many offer continuing education (CE) credit. Recorded webinars can be viewed at any time. Presenters include leaders in novel approaches as well as scholars of traditional practice to provide well-balanced dialogue. Our webinars provide a stimulating and accessible international forum, and provide access to trainings for those who are limited by time, location, or other special needs.

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Certificate Programs


Our Certificate of Advanced Study in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy allows you to focus your continuing education (CE) coursework and document your advanced study. Begin at your convenience and proceed at your own pace. There are no additional fees or tests for the certificate. Simply complete 48 CE credits with our psychoanalytic courses, including at least three core courses (Classical Psychoanalytic Theory, Ego Psychology, Object Relations Theory, Personality Disorders from a Psychodynamic Perspective, and Psychodynamics of the Therapeutic Relationship). You may complete the certificate as quickly as you choose, within 3 years.

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