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About Our Online Psychotherapy Specialization Certificates

Online Psychotherapy Specialization Certificates-Professional WomanDeveloping as a clinician is a life-long process.  Our online psychotherapy specialization certificates provide clinicians with a convenient, practical, and affordable means to develop and demonstrate a solid foundation in specific fields of professional practice.  Some clinicians may wish to focus their coursework within a familiar approach, while others may choose to learn more about a new orientation.  Our institute specialization certificates allow you to make use of your professional development and continuing education courses to achieve these goals.  

What Are the Requirements?

Simply accrue the number of our continuing education credits in designated courses specified for the certificate.  You may take courses in any order that you believe best fits your goals and you may proceed as quickly as you wish to complete the courses and certificate.  You may decide at any time–now or in the future–whether you wish to apply courses to earn a specialization certificate–simply email us with your intention when you decide.  A typical sequence of designated courses includes several core courses and the remaining credits in designated electives.  Core courses are typically 8 hours long and presented in an audio format, accompanied by an online written manuscript.  Electives range from 1 to 8 hours and may consist of audio courses, video coursesarticles, books, or webinars.  Course descriptions note whether an offering is introductory, intermediate, or advanced and certificate descriptions indicate recommended course sequences for novices.    

Is There an Additional Fee?

The cost of the certificate program is simply the cost of the courses taken.  There is no additional fee for the specialization certificate.  

Are There Tests?

There are no additional tests required to earn a specialization certificate.  Simply pass the tests that accompany each individual course.

Will I Receive a Diploma?

We will send you a personalized certificate to demonstrate your completion of the specialization.  Note that the specialization is intended for post-graduate professionals pursuing professional development and continuing education courses and does not constitute a degree.  

How Do I Get Started?

Simply enroll in a course.  Then, whenever you decide you would like to pursue a specialization certificate, simply email us to declare your intention.  

What Online Psychotherapy Specialization Certificates Are Offered?

We currently offer a specialization Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for those who are interested in obtaining training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  We are developing specializations in other areas as well.  We welcome your input.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Certificate in Psychoanalytic PsychotherapyTo earn the specialization Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, take three or more of our core courses in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and accrue a total of 48 CE credits with our psychoanalytic offerings.  You may select any of our psychoanalytic courses and take them in any order you choose.  Offerings are being added and updated continuously.

Our core psychoanalytic courses include: Classical Psychoanalytic Theory (introductory level), Ego Psychology (introductory level), Object Relations Theory (introductory level), Personality Disorders from a Psychodynamic Perspective (intermediate level), and Psychodynamics of the Therapeutic Relationship (intermediate level).  If you are new to the field, we recommend that you take all of the core courses in the order listed, but you are not required to do so. 

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