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Why Is Continuing Education Important For Professionals?
By: Marylie W. Gerson, PhD

Adult Continuing Education Credits Online

If you work as a psychologist, counselor, social worker, or nurse, you probably already understand the importance of continuing education.  Most mental health professionals are required by licensure to earn continuing education credits to ensure they stay up-to-date on certain topics, continue to learn in the field, and review the latest research.

State-Required Continuing Education

Each field may require a certain number of credits be taken in order to maintain licensure in the state. It is important to check with your licensing board for specific requirements.  As an approved sponsor, the Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies strives to maintain the highest quality of continuing education, consistent with American Psychological Association (APA) continuing education standards.

Being Up-to-Date With Continuing Education Psychology Credits

One of the benefits of taking continuing education courses is that a psychologist, counselor, nurse, or social worker is able to review the latest research in the field.  Certain topics, such as ethics, may be required from time to time by your licensing board, so it is important that you stay abreast of those requirements. 

Staying current with changes in ethics and law is an important risk-management objective.  Some liability insurance carriers (such as the APA Trust) offer a discount for clients showing evidence of continued ethics training by APA-approved sponsors of continuing education.

More and more, mental health professions are emphasizing research-based treatments and case management.  Continuing education provides a perfect opportunity to develop new skills and demonstrate your familiarity with research-based, evidence-based, and empirically validated care and treatments.

Our mission at the Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies is to serve the educational needs of our colleagues—we welcome your recommendations for specific offerings to meet your needs.

Options for Continuing Education

One of the options we offer at the Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies includes online courses.  The ability to take courses from the home or office allows professionals to earn credits on their own schedule.  It can be a challenge to balance family, work, and life.  When licensed professionals take continuing education credits online, they have a greater ability to manage their time and responsibilities.

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