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Modern Systems Thinking for Psychotherapy (2 CE Credits)

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Gregory Bateson offered “a difference that makes a difference” as a definition of information, asserting an epistemology that is still greatly under-appreciated by many in the behavioral sciences, and especially by psychology.  This definition carries with it implications for relationships and systems as the most appropriate context for studying people, if not all living things.  Systems thinking differs from rationalism and empiricism in that it requires us to think in terms of patterns and relationships, rather than in terms of “truths” or things “out there” to be discovered, diagnosed, medicated, or removed.  In this course, constructs maintained by general systems theory, cybernetics, information and communication theory, complexity theory, and chaos theory are applied to an understanding of our patients.  This course consists of a PowerPoint video presentation with an audio narrative by Dr. Gerson.  An online multiple choice test and Certificate of Completion follow completion of the course for 2 CE credits.  Intermediate level.  $29.

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