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Body Scan Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness Training: Body Scan Meditation and Informal Mindfulness Practices (2 CE Credits)

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This mindfulness training course is designed for psychologists who are interested in applying the body scan and mindfulness practices.  Discussions are supplemented by practical tools, for application in a clinical setting or for personal use.  Topics include safe mindfulness training practices, with a sample client intake form; the body scan meditation, with a 20-minute audio file of a body scan for those who wish to experience it; suggestions for informal mindfulness practices, with a practice schedule and record form to aid follow-through; and troubleshooting suggestions for dealing with common problems that interfere with regular meditation.  The course material is presented by Dr. Marylie Gerson in both written and video formats, to allow for review in either modality.  An online multiple choice test and Certificate of Completion follow the course for 2 CE credits. Introductory level. $29. (suggested prerequisite: Mindfulness Training: Introduction, Attention, and the Present Moment)

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