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Lacan – Inspired Psychotherapy (4 CE Credits)

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French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan, is regarded as one of the most influential theorists and clinicians since Freud. Hundreds of books and articles have been written about his ideas; yet, his work is largely unknown to many American psychotherapists. Those who are familiar with Lacan typically describe his contributions as intriguing, but esoteric and enigmatic. Dr. Michael Gerson explores Lacan’s key constructs as they may be helpful to the psychotherapist. The discussion includes comparisons with object relations and ego psychology, systems theory, psycholinguistics, and neuroscience, and ends with applications to two clinical cases. This course consists of a PowerPoint video presentation by Dr. Gerson (1 hr. 15 min.), with written captions for review in multiple modalities. An online multiple choice test and Certificate of Completion follow completion of the course for 4 CE credits. May be applied to the Certificate of Advanced Study in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy if desired.  Intermediate level. $49.

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