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Ego Psychology (8 CE Credits)

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Ego psychology represents a particular emphasis of psychoanalytic theory and practice that focuses upon the significance of the ego system, and is a major theoretical model in American psychoanalysis. In this ego psychology course, Dr. Michael J. Gerson begins with a brief overview of the evolution of S. Freud’s perspectives on the role of the ego, includes A. Freud’s contributions to understanding the dynamics of ego defenses, and ends with Hartmann’s elaborations on the ego as a system for adaptation.  

The course includes an online written transcript and accompanying audio files, for optional review in multiple modalities.  An online multiple choice test and Certificate of Completion follow completion of the course for 8 CE credits.  Introductory level.  Recommended prerequisite: Classical Psychoanalytic Theory.  A brief video provides opening remarks by Dr. Gerson.  This course may be applied to the Certificate of Advanced Study in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy if desired.  $119.


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