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Mindfulness: Attention and the Now

What you will learn from this free webinar... The importance and roles of attention and focusing on the present moment.
We are pleased to share this talk by Hugo Alberts, PhD. Dr. Alberts is on the faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, and is internationally known for his research in positive psychology. He has published numerous articles on the impact of mindfulness-based interventions on such factors as eating behavior, memory, emotion regulation, depression, sleep quality, and job satisfaction.

The objective of this free 1-hour webinar is to familiarize participants with the two most important building blocks of mindfulness: attention and the present moment. At the heart of mindfulness is the cultivation of attention to the present moment. The most common reason that people fail to pay attention to the present moment is that they are occupied by thinking, often about the past or the future. In this session, the role of thoughts and their relationship with the present moment are introduced, with some brief demonstrations. There is no charge for this webinar.

This webinar presents the first of several upcoming sessions in mindfulness training and is part of the course, Mindfulness Training: Introduction, Attention, and the Present Moment. Visit our site at for more information on earning CE credit, our certificate programs, and other professional development offerings. 

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