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Mindfulness Training: Introduction, Attention, and the Present Moment (2 CE Credits)

Mindfulness is often misunderstood.  It is not a state that results only from meditation, nor does it necessarily lead to a happy state of mind.  Learn more about what it is, its theoretical underpinnings, and research findings for its effects.  


Course Objectives

This course is designed to allow participants to: 

  • discover what mindfulness is,
  • explore the benefits of mindfulness practices,
  • appreciate the importance and roles of attention and the present moment in mindfulness, and
  • develop a background of theoretical knowledge that informs practice and could be shared with clients in a training program.


Course Content and Details


Product Description

Mindfulness Basics Course

Mindfulness Basics CourseMindfulness Training: Introduction, Attention, and the Present Moment is one in a series of online mindfulness training courses developed to help mental health professionals understand and apply mindfulness training in clinical practice.  This mindfulness basics course discusses what mindfulness is, its theoretical basis, the roles of attention and the present moment, and research findings for its benefits.  


What Mindfulness Is and What It Is Not

Mindfulness is not simply a meditation exercise that leads to a peaceful, happy state of mind.  In fact, it is a complex state, which encompasses much more than meditation practices alone, and does not have as its goal short-term happiness.  What defines a mindfulness mindset?  What distinguishes mindfulness meditation from other forms of meditation?  Is mindfulness a rare state that requires special training?  Is it a state that anyone can achieve?  This mindfulness basics course addresses these questions.


Benefits of Mindfulness

Long-practiced in the far east, mindfulness entered the mainstream of western medicine in the 1970s with the work of scientist, writer, and meditation teacher, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.  Considerable scientific research continues today and supports many emotional, cognitive, physical, and interpersonal benefits of mindfulness.  This course reviews the long-term benefits of mindfulness, including life satisfaction, a sense of autonomy and competence, self-control, self-esteem, vitality, emotional regulation, academic performance, and reductions in depression and anxiety.



Mindfulness and Attention

Finally, attention on the present moment is discussed as it plays a key role in mindfulness.  Learning from past experience and planning for the future are important for a productive life.  But it is common to lose site of the present moment and become trapped in ruminations about past disappointments and anxiety about what the future holds.  Mindfulness training teaches one how to draw attention back to the present moment, to achieve a healthy balance in focus on past, present, and future. 



Marylie W. Gerson, PhDThe instructor is Dr. Marylie W. Gerson.  Dr. Gerson received her PhD in Psychology from Princeton University and is both a Social Psychologist and a licensed Clinical Psychologist.  She combines a background in university teaching and research with her experience as a practicing clinical psychologist, and has presented and published professionally in the field.  She is experienced in working clinically with children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric populations.  Her current research interests include understanding identity development and building openness to diversity, resilience, and the ability to thrive in the face of stressors.  


Course Format

This course consists of a PowerPoint video presentation with audio narrative by Dr. Gerson and a 1-hour recorded webinar presented by Dr. Alberts of the University of Maastricht.  Dr. Gerson’s presentations are accompanied by full text to allow for review in either modality.  An online multiple choice test and Certificate of Completion follow the course for 2 CE credits.  Introductory level.  $29.  (This course provides a good foundation for the applied techniques provided in Mindfulness Training: Body Scan Meditation and Informal Mindfulness Practices.)


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