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Intersubjectivity in Psychoanalysis (1 CE Credit)

This intermediate level journal article is offered to help the participant:

  • Describe the main concepts of the relational perspective in psychoanalysis; and
  • Apply these concepts to the analytic process.

Dr. Alejandro Ávila is a Professor of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at Complutense University in Madrid.  He is a training member and honorary president of the Institute of Relationship Psychotherapy, and serves as a board member of the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy and chair of the organization’s Spanish chapter.

This course allows you to earn CE credit for reviewing this informative journal article and passing an online multiple choice test.  The article is available online through the publisher (Ávila, A. [2014]. The intersubjective: A core concept for psychoanalysis. International Forum of Psychoanalysis, 1-5. doi: 10.1080/0803706X.2014.967813; Note: the journal may charge a fee for this article if you or your institution are not subscribers).  After reading the article, access the online test and Certificate of Completion for the course to earn 1 CE credit.  Intermediate level—a foundation in classical psychoanalytic theory may be helpful before reading the article.  This course may be applied to our specialization Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy if desired.

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